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Securing Communities of Racial Equity (SCORE ) operates to eradicate racism and social injustice. The primary focus of SCORE is ameliorating social, economic, and academic barriers resulting from racism and its effects and influences.

SCORE achieves its objective by developing and executing community influenced action plans. 
Among our core beliefs is vitality realized in partnerships with community leaders, businesses, residents and other non-profit organizations. 

SCORE continues to implement programs and practices designed to elevate communities beyond debilitating effects and influences of racism.


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At the end of my junior year in high school, I ended up homeless. During my senior year I went to school from 8am to 3pm, I had football practice from 330p to 530p then worked from 6pm to almost 3am at a nightclub. 

Everyday in 1st period I would fall asleep no matter how hard I tried to stay awake. I was always a smart kid but my grades began to suffer. It was said by a few teachers that I was just another lazy, inner-city, Black kid that didn't care.  To be fair, they didn't know I was without a secure place to stay; they definitely didn't know I was 17 working in a night club. Regardless teachers should know better than to assume about any student. I cared more than they knew. Despite my circumstances, I was showing up with less than 3 hours of sleep most days.

Attention people! Bad grades are not necessarily a reflection of bad behavior or apathy. Reach out to your students and always see and promote the value within them. After all, they are still kids. 

I started this equity and engagement scholarship as a part of my non-profit organization, SCORE. It is for students that are struggling academically but are still showing up. Help me to make graduation a reality for them. Scan the QR code to find out how it works. I'm not rewarding failure,  I am attempting to inspire excellence.

Never give up on kids, you never know who they'll become. 

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